More than Just Horse Merchandise: Meet the Ladies Behind the Muck Life
If your barn is cleaner than your house, then you're living the Muck Life!

The Best Horse Merchandise Around, Straight From a Team that Loves Horses

The Muck Life was founded in 2012 by Julie Robins. After growing up on the beach and dreaming of horses, Julie began a professional career with horses in 1995. In 2012, while visiting her hometown of Pensacola, FL, Julie noticed the "salt life" stickers on cars and trucks and commented to her friend, "I used to live the salt life, but now in the horse world I live the Muck Life!" Her friend's response was, "that's Mucking hysterical, you should do something with that!" 

So she did! With the help of her sister, who was living the Muck Life too, but with chickens, goats and dogs, Julie created all kinds of horse merchandise-- shirts, stickers, caps and socks!

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